Word Up Collective

Changing times bring creativity and collaboration for this new Dublin collective.

Ireland is in a constant flux of transition, and cultural shifts bring endless inspiration. When societies mold, mesh and change, it allows an explosion of coalitions, collaborations, and creativity. As new scenes and influences blend into society, they impact musical journeys.

Meet Word Up Collective – a new platform to promote the urban music scene in Ireland and to change how musicians interact, promote, develop and push themselves onto the Irish and international music scene. They take inspiration from overseas collectives and groups, fellow artists, as well as from immigrant influences on Irish music and society.

With a rock-solid roster of artists, led by music industry heavyweights Phil & Annette Udell, it’s clear that Word Up Collective is something uniquely special.

Describing themselves as “a Dublin-based collective of like-minded souls working in hip-hop, spoken word, R&B, rap, pop and related genres” – they believe no man is a musical island. Word Up Collective are heavily influenced by each other – it’s a symbiotic up down relationship. There are endless opportunities to learn, collaborate or jump on stage with each other (as can happen at their monumental Bello Bar gigs). What makes Word Up Collective a sustainable success is the marrying of the creative and business elements within the music industry. There are lessons here for the Irish music scene – not just the urban music genre.

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