Mark Seven Gets his own Red Letter Day

MARK-SEVEN1Is it just me or is there literally a random day for just about everything. April is National Pecan Month, Gunpowder Day is marked November 5th and you can collectively celebrate Sewing Machine Day June 14th.

Never have I been so welcoming or in agreement with The Ransom Note announcing May 13th to be Mark Seven Day.

So what is it about Mark that gives him his we’re not worthiness?

As one of the great kings of the crate diggers he has a natural knack for rooting out the forgotten, the uncharted and the undiscovered – weaving these records into powerful, potent mixes. Emotions run between sky blue high and a real tear inducing low.

The Salute To The Men Of Vauxhall series recorded at London’s Horse Meat Disco was limited to just 100 copies – they are as rare as much as they are loved. Their Soundcloud links have long since disappeared, meaning anyone that did not have a DL now just has their memories (me included, ..don’t ask *sniff* )

Mark does not believe in track lists, set lists or anything in between, so chat-rooms and internet forums are filled with questions, guesses and presumptions about tracks and finds. On one DJ History thread in between all the noise Mark explains “I’m hoping that the reaction of people listening is not ‘I want those tracks so I can play them’ but think my dancefloor might like this dj’. ..not making discoveries public just means I can get more life out of them when I dj. I get more back from the legwork of finding them” ….. There are few could argue with that.

Mr Seven’s StopDontStop mix was “recorded almost 10 years ago for a long defunct podcast website, it has gained legendary status amongst heads and diggers, as Mark switches effortlessly between styles and introduces us to gems…” It’s a perfect example of his savvy skills, flair and and awe inducing track listing skills. Every mix has the makings of a classic, and this is a prime example of why May 13th should be a Red Letter Day for all. (And if you can ID that track at 52.35, I owe you lunch – Sorry Mark)