Donnie and Joe Emerson – Dreamin’ Wild and Forever Young ?

emersonsI fell in love with Donnie and Joe Emerson instantly. I fell for their unique music, sound, THOSE white Elvis jumpsuits and must importantly their special story. An epitome of teenage love, angst and ambition it describes something that very few can not only capture but also express.

How could two teenagers cut off from the modern world with just a tractor radio for company and inspiration produce this heart pinching record? Adding to ‘Dreamin’ Wild’s ‘ fascination is that the album disappeared into retro history almost as soon as it was released in 1979.

It wasn’t until 2008 when a blogger (take a bow Jack Fleischer) came across the obscure cover and decided to invest in its contents. Floored by its innocence and youthful genius he blogged about it and it gained a steady momentum – and finally its historic significance was cemented when Ariel Pink covered ‘Baby’ in 2012. Reissue specialists Light In The Attic (hello Sugarman) took control and in 2012 the brothers finally had the hit record they had always daydreamed about.

But what now? The brothers (now in their 50’s) are probable the most famous 50 year old teenagers in the world. Learn more about the Emerson brothers fascinating story in the mini documentary below. And while it took the world 30 years to find Donnie and Joe Emerson, few will ever want to forget them.