Kick Ass Classes at School of Doodle

368810e6The internet is can be a notorious rabbit hole of wasted hours, procrastination and finding yourself 40 weeks deep into someones Instagram (guilty). School of Doodle however is not only is worthwhile, it’s visually whopper offering both fabulous insights and oodles of inspiration. Call it the mother of all mentors.

It all began with a Kickstarter campaign, and with supporters  including Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon, Sarah Silverman, Sia, and Girlboss Sophia Amoruso it’s safe to say this is a website to watch.

So what exactly is School of Doodle? “Imagination has the power to transform anyone. We’ll start with teen girls, and then we’ll go from there.” co founder Molly Logan explains. Aiming to Create, Connect and Kick Ass wants to give girls the tools to be loud. With a curriculum of  creativity and imagination it wants to offer girls knowledge, skills and experiences via its website to instill girl power and productivity to all girls.

So how does it work? You can earn doodle dollars by watching, making, sharing and teaching, and these are then exchanged for practical lessons like a field trip or online mentor lessons. Their YouTube channel contains bite sized Ted Talks – loud and proud videos that teach girls to embrace, challenge and be magnificent. Videos include Olivia Bee encouraging us to find beauty in every little thing, Samira Wiley on why silly is GOOD and my current fave is Mimi Valdes (Chief Creative Officer for Pharrell) who explains that “When you are not scared at all you are flatlining” … Atta-gal

School of Doodle officially launches January 2016, in the meantime sign up to their newsletter or go buck wild on their YouTube channel. There is so much here for the taking.