They All Hate Us – What’s Not To Love?

In a world jam packed with websites, information and social noise how refreshing and unique to find a blog that literally makes your heart whirl.

Meet Tash & Elle from They All Hate Us: a visual daily blog full of classy, sassy inspiration.


“Born from a shared love of all things fashion, lifestyle and inspirations” the ladies would email inspirational images to each other.  It was so deliciously good they decided to transform the email into a blog – and voila ; They All Hate Us was born.

So what makes TAHU a fashion favorite and guaranteed to be bookmarked by anyone earning their Breton stripes? It’s choc-a-bloc with squeal inducing images, FOMO fashionista prints and everyday inspiration. Tash & Elle have a magpie like ability to spot the special. And best of all they explain “Our posts are never pre-planned and are always just a burst of our organic thoughts, there to make you feel good and cheer you up on a bad day!

Check out their blog – your dose of fabulous fashion flair awaits!